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Welcome to Kidland! The only place where anyone can pretend to be like a kid, act like a kid, or be a kid! Come into the mist and smell childhood. The best way to play games and activities for you!

Story Time Center

Every month I hold a story contest in which I pick the best story that is sent to me. The prize is to have it published!


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Keep on writing everyone!

Word Games!

Go here for word games and prizes, real prizes!


This is the polls section of the emporium. Here is where you get to vote on what you think is right. Voice your opinion about this month's topic. (This month's topic will stay the same UNTIL enough people have voted in.) WAIT! Last month's poll was "Do you call your parents by first or last names?". Results: 25% call their elders by first name/75% by last.

This month's poll issue: Do you believe girls should become the President of the U.S.?

Any comments?:

Do you believe girls should become the president of the United States?

Thank you very much for helping out once again in Michele's Emporium!

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